RSL Marketing and Exports Private limited was established in United Arab Emirates in the year 2006, wherein the business started with frozen processed meat products.

Our frozen product falls under two brands named, Al Badia and ABDA respectively, the area of operation started primarily with Sultanate of Oman and Bahrain as the first phase with a plant to extant in the GCC and other Middle East market.

We have carefully developed the brand by offering good quality product reasonably priced along with excellent service, which was the critical  factor to "Penetrate and Succeed" in a highly competitive market

Our business objective are long term and we are committed to the terms and conditions mutually agreed and has established and element business trust with the key business house in the region, who are distributing our products in the respective countries.

Key Elements





Strive for business

Consistency in supply

Price Lock

Area of Operation

United Arab Emirate

Sultanate of Oman


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Shortly

Kingdom of Jordan - Shortly

Kuwait - Shortly




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